Foot Care for Diabetics

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The chances of having foot problems increase when you have diabetes. Reduced sensation (neuropathy) and reduced blood flow (angiopathy) make detecting injuries and healing difficult.
It is important to maintain a foot health program. This includes visiting a podiatrist who will discuss your diabetic history and evaluate the condition of your feet. In the examination, the doctor will look for any circulation, skin or bone problems. The podiatrist will also go over proper self-care, including foot inspection, and educate the patient on warning signs of infection.
Routine self-inspections should be done if you have diabetes. During a self-inspection, you should look for color changes, swelling, temperature changes, sensation changes, hot spots, sores, cracks or ulcers, and ingrown nails. If you experience a problem, it is important to contact the podiatrist and set up an appointment.
Of course, monitoring your diabetes, seeing a podiatrist regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are important to overall health, including the health of your feet.