What Are Orthotics?

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Many biomechanical disorders can be treated with orthotics. Orthotics are custom-molded inserts that improve foot function. If you are experiencing foot pain, aching, deformities, cramping or even ankle, knee or back problems, orthotics may help by realigning the foot to take off stress.
The doctor will take X-rays to determine what problems you are having and what type of support you need. The doctor will then take a plaster cast of your foot to get an impression that will be sent to the lab where the orthotics are made. It usually takes about three weeks for the orthotics to come back. Once we receive them and payment, we will notify you so we can set up a quick appointment to dispense the orthotics. At that time, we will give detailed instructions and, of course, if you have any questions once you get home, feel free to call us.
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To be most effective, orthotics should be worn as much as possible. When you first get orthotics, you have to break them in. We recommend you wear them one hour the first day and gradually increase by an hour each day until you can be comfortable in them as long as you are on your feet. Since the orthotics are working different muscles than you are used to, you might experience some aching. In the beginning, take the orthotics out if they become too uncomfortable. You do not want to push it too quickly. Give them at least two weeks until you feel totally comfortable in them. Call us to set up an appointment if adjustments are needed. Remember that everyone's feet are different!
Adults will usually have to replace their orthotics every five years. Children, on the other hand, grow and their feet change, so we recommend they get new orthotics every couple of years if problems still persist. Many insurance plans allow for one pair of orthotics per year.
Some insurance companies cover orthotics, but some do not. It’s a good idea to see if your insurance company cover custom-molded orthotics ahead of time. Even though we call to verify if orthotics are a covered benefit, no verbal insurance benefits are 100 percent guaranteed, and you would be responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance company.